Aaron Tucci

Web/SEO Expert

Aaron Tucci is a University of Arizona graduate with a BA in Economics focusing on consumer behavior and industrial game theory. His creative side stems from winning grocery store coloring contests as a child. Aside from staying inside the lines, his hobbies include: gourmet cooking, computers and computer games, jazz/piano sampled hip-hop, exercising and eating; in addition - and most of all - he loves analyzing everything to the max.

Aaron is responsible for managing and directing Website SEO for Tucson businesses, as well as other businesses all across the country (from California to North Carolina). He also handles Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Advertising, and Traditional/Digital Media Placement.

If you're looking for a true SEO Specialist in Tucson, then Aaron is your go-to guru. He has over 8 years experience in his field and oversees 20+ clients. In any industry a business must differentiate itself to be found, and Aaron has the skills and know-how to get you found in the most competitive of arenas: The Internet.