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SEO: Understanding Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm

With each and every Google search, hundreds of results are displayed.

Each published website is indexed and ranked by Google using an evolving algorithm. Of course, we must accept that Google will continue to alter said algorithm. But we believe that Google gods will always give priority on websites with relevant, high quality original content. These sites will get ranked higher in Google’s search results.

We are all pretty much aware that Google always updates their algorithm, which includes 1 yearly major change. Panda penalized those sites that used stolen or duplicate content. Penguin penalized sites with spam like keyword stuffing and content spinning was discouraged. Now we have Hummingbird, it not only focuses on content but also the meaning of said content. How do we approach ranking on Google in 2014?

What Changed?

In the past, Google search algorithm was all about the sites content. Google reinforced website content quality. Now, Hummingbird focuses more on search query when displaying ranking results.

Google in a way humanized its latest algorithm. Hummingbird will try to understand what the search means when a person types a search phrase in it’s search engine. For example, if you are looking to purchase a product, Google will try to determine your location and post an answer to your question with a location near you by giving you a physical location instead of an online retailer. It will focus on your entire search phrase instead of just key terms in order to provide you with a more accurate and relevant answer.

What does it all mean?

Considering the evolution of Google, Hummingbird doesn’t seem to have a negative effect in search rankings as of yet especially if you have already provided higher-quality content that is relevant to your website. So, in order to have better organic search position, we need to continue to focus on better writing and quality content. A website with high quality and relevant pages will rank higher than websites with spammy content.

Google prioritize the websites that gives the most relevant and knowledgeable answers to searches.

Quality Links. Sharing your site information on social media platforms and other sites will help boost your authority thus improving your site validity which ultimately improves your ranking

Just say NO to black-hat SEO tactics. Forget about keyword-stuffing and content spinning. Remember, good content is what’s important, engage your readers. Don’t forget about your mobile site.

The Answer!

Good Quality Content! Having great insight to what your target customer is looking for will be the leading factor that will put you ahead. This is what Tucci Creative can offer you!

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