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Who Needs an Advertising Agency?

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We’ve probably all driven past a business in town we had no idea existed. Maybe we glanced at it while sitting in traffic before forgetting about it a moment later. The only time we spare it a full thought is when we see the “going out of business” sign in the window and wonder what the business had been selling.

It could have been a restaurant cooking up mouth-watering food, or a jewelry store featuring unique pieces people would have loved, or a kitchen equipment store that would have been packed with customers, if only they’d known the business was there.

What was missing? A complete advertising plan created by an effective advertising agency.

A good advertising agency will create a marketing campaign tailor-made to reach your target audience. As our generation becomes increasingly digital, radio, print and television advertising — while effective parts of marketing — can no longer be relied on by themselves to produce results.

Your customers are on their phones, they’re on the internet, they’re using social media. The digital universe is always at their fingertips and they depend upon it. Having a creditable presence online is crucial to successful advertising. Advertising agencies can help you decide how you want your brand to be represented and what audience your product will connect best with. They can then help you create that presence that your customer base will identify with. They’ll help you choose the right sort of website design and make it easy for your customers to find by using search engine optimization to link you closely with your product.

A good advertising agency can also help you represent yourself on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. It’s important for your customers to feel like you’re accessible, that if they have a question or concern they can easily reach you and expect a response. Even large companies like Coca Cola and Starbucks are sensitive to being accessible to their customers.

Tucci Creative, Inc. is a Tucson, Arizona-based advertising agency that has been in the business for over 26 years. We’ve worked with nationally-recognized brands like AT&T and Ruger Firearms, and are equally comfortable working with local businesses like yours. We understand how to research the market for trends in businesses like yours and can deliver a powerful advertising solution.

Don’t let your business be the one people drive by without evening knowing it’s there. Get in touch with Tucci Creative and get recognized today.

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