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Great SEM & PPC Campaigns require an advertising agency with an affinity and familiarity with the digital world, including its newest trends.

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Why Go Digital With Tucci?

As a certified Google Partner our agency has the ability to optimize and strategize better than the competition.

Being a full-service advertising agency, we are naturally well-rounded; in digital marketing, that's a big advantage.

We already know what it takes to capture an audience, but better yet - we stay up with all the latest digital trends.

Spend Less & Earn More: optimized ads that are smart and engaging, reduce your CPC and increase your ROI.

Read below for the benefits of using an Adwords Partner and the importance of meshing SEO with PPC.

Why Choose A Google Partner?

Consultation: once you decide to allocate a budget towards PPC our team speaks directly with an Adwords strategist to discuss your needs and the objectives of your campaign.

Confirmation: once we agree on an overall strategy, and budget, we will then confirm a daily-budget and begin to create your campaign with Google themselves helping along the way.

Customization: during the creation of your campaign, Google assists directly with everything from choosing the best keywords, to copywriting ads with the most engaging and conversion-centric verbiage. We even gather insight on the most efficient bid prices (including adjusting your keyword bids for specific devices).

Optimization: once your campaign is in motion, Tucci stays in touch with our Adwords strategist who will provide valuable insight on how to improve the performance of your campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

Mixing SEO with PPC

After your business has established a firm SEO base and your rankings are seeing positive results, we typically suggest adding a PPC online ad campaign in order to compliment your search engine optimization.

PPC advertisements cost more if your site link and ad copy isn't relative to the keywords being targeted by the campaign, but combined with quality SEO work, a sizable return on investment can be expected.

PPC campaigns are also great for filling in the gaps when it comes to keywords that haven't quite seen the full results of our SEO work. Pay-per-click ads require daily monitoring and maintenance for maximum benefit. Tucci Creative will manage your PPC campaign and budget with diligence, care, and professional intuition.

If you're already ranking high for a keyword, we wouldn't want you to be appearing in a paid ad just above that result when you could just as easily be getting the same click-thru-rate (CTR) on the link below and not have to pay for it.

To get a better understanding of the differences between SEO & PPC in regards to the cost and overall value, take a look at these two simple graphs.

PPC Value Over TimeSEO Value Over Time

Now, these are generalizations, but they give awesome insight into the value of either service when interpreted properly.

PPC Value Over Time

In our PPC Value graph we can easily interpret that although cost can increase over time, eventually traffic will plateau.

This is because of the nature of targeting specific keywords and phrases at a paid cost.

When you do so, you will generate a certain amount of impressions for your ads, but you can only ever achieve 100% CTR for those keyword impressions.

Translation: your maximum traffic for PPC ads will always be limited to the average number of impressions for the keywords you are targeting.

SEO Value Over Time

Now take a look at the SEO Value graph, and we see a stark difference in the value over time.

The cost to upkeep your SEO will only reduce over time because it takes less work to maintain when you are already otherwise optimized.

However, the amount of traffic you generate from ranking high organically is - in theory - exponential.

This is because you are ranking well for all keywords and phrases related to your site's purpose, not just ones you buy.

The  Difference Is Clear!

You spend more initially to generate very little traffic with SEO, but in the long run it has the ultimate pay-off.

On the other hand, you spend less to start - by comparison - for the same increase in traffic from PPC marketing.

Thus, PPC campaigns can be incredibly useful for generating traffic where your SEO hasn't kicked in yet.

After a certain point though, you are just pumping in more money to get marginally better results.

As you can tell, it is ever-so crucial for a business to make sure first and foremost that they have their SEO in check.

The Moral of the Story

Once you have a continued optimization strategy, PPC can be supplementally added to boost your results while your SEO gradually increases your traffic organically.

At a certain point, you could (again - in theory) drop PPC all together and generate nearly the same traffic 100% organically as you were with SEO & PPC combined.

That's a lot to digest, we know; but that's our job as professionals - to know the logistics and the complexities of it all.

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