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SEO Blogging and Writer’s Block

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SEO Writer's Block

“I have a dream…” You know, when Martin Luther King Jr. was writing that speech I bet he had a nightmare too – that he wouldn’t finish it. Any writer – good, bad, the best – has, at some point in their scribing, encountered the dreaded “writer’s block”. It lives within us all and manifests […]

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Why SEO is Important

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SEO is Important!

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one hears it, does it still make a sound? Why are you hearing such clichés in an SEO blog post…because the implication of the adage is actually quite relevant. If no one hears the sound, then it may not exist at all. As brilliant as the fall may […]

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Why Decorate Your Site for the Holidays?

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Holiday Web Design

When we think of the end of the year, something that always comes to mind is the holidays. Joy and happiness suddenly become emphasized in our surroundings, and the physical décor of stores, restaurants, etc., typically changes to something more spirited and warming. But what about online stores? Business owners decorate their actual bricks and mortar, […]

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Small Business Saturday is here!

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Small Business Saturday

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and many of us are excited, not only for the food, family, and good tidings, but also for the great shopping opportunity that has become an annual tradition on the Friday after. That tradition is better known as Black Friday, but in 2011 a new, more localized tradition emerged – it’s called […]