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Responsive Web Design

Need a responsive site built? Check out our SEO Web Development page to learn more about why you should choose a company that has great design combined with SEO experience. Otherwise, read on to learn about our web design capabilities and the importance of having a responsive website.

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Our Web Design Capabilities

As a full service web and advertising agency in Tucson - outside of SEO & PPC Management - Tucci also offers web design and development, including responsive solutions.

Our Graphic Designer - Vikki Noriega - is also well-versed in responsive website design. With her design capabilities and the development & SEO expertise of Aaron Tucci - any website we build from scratch launches fully optimized.

In today's web world, just bringing visitors to your site isn't enough.  There are many elements involved in capturing your web audience and driving conversions, but one of the most important is the user's first impression.

User bounce rates will always be high if the image and tone of your business is misconstrued as unprofessional and inattentive. One way to ensure this happens is by having an unsightly website design.

Fear not - Tucci Creative turns bad designs brilliant - saving your current site from losing its regular traffic to bounces; and if you are creating a new site, we forge beauty and elegance from an empty template.

Aren't sure whether or not you really need to splurge on responsive design?

Read below for all the information you need to make your decision.


What Does "Responsive" Mean?

In general, a responsive site is one that alters in format and design as it goes from desktop-sized screens, all the way down to mobile smartphone screens.


How Long Does It Take to Change a Site to Responsive?

Depending on the type of website, the current coding, the types of features (slideshows, etc.), and the number of pages and page-styles - a website can be turned responsive in anywhere from a few days to a few months.


What Actually Happens When a Site is Made Responsive?

When your site is changed to be responsive, “Breakpoints” are set at various screen-widths where your site design still fits, or can be reformatted relatively easily, without losing functionality.

This way, when any device that uses a screen between X and Y widths, that specific styling and design gets called from the CSS, and your site appears in a way where it is still functional and easily navigated.

Other things that take time to work into a responsive design are things like slideshows, contact forms, etc. They must be recoded such that they too breakdown based on screen size, and fit and function on any device.


Why is Having a Responsive Site Beneficial?

First and foremost, the most beneficial aspect of having a responsive site is not losing potential business.

Consumers are apt to “bounce” from a website upon reaching the homepage if they cannot navigate or engage with the content due to size/functionality issues.
Also important to note is that search engine conglomerates like Google, Yahoo and Bing all have updated their algorithms to penalize mobile search results for sites with otherwise good desktop search results if their site isn’t mobile-friendly.

Responsiveness is better than having a separate mobile site because you also receive penalties for having your pages redirected to somewhere else upon reaching them - and technically speaking, a mobile site is considered separate by search robots (posing potential duplicate content issues as well).

Responsive means that users are only ever visiting one domain, and no matter what device or screen-size they use to access it - it is completely functional, easy to read and navigate, and still keeps its style and design aspects.


What Will It Take to Turn My Website Responsive?

If you would like a free consultation and evaluation of your site, as well as a price and time estimate for changing your site to a responsive format - hop on over to our contact page and send us an inquiry!